In-pictures: Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers deliver relief to Madaya, Kafriya and Fouaa

On 11 January 2015, Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) teams of volunteers were able to access Madaya, Kefraya, and Fouaa to provide essential relief to the people of these besieged towns. SARC dispatched 44 trucks from Damascus to Madaya from Damascus, and 21 trucks from Homs to Fouaa and Kafriya, carrying Red Crescent relief items as well as aid provided by other partners including WFP, WHO and ICRC. The relief provided included blankets, food parcels, nutritional items such as high energy biscuits and peanut butter, as well as medical supplies. More information is available on the SARC website.

SARC is able to access difficult to reach areas thanks to its well recognized neutral and impartial approach. Each month, SARC provide assistance to about 4.5 million people throughout Syria.


Some 140 Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers were involved in the first convoy of 2016 to Madaya, Kafriya and Fouaa. Here, the teams are briefed in advance of their journey to Madaya. Photo: Zaher Barazi / Syrian Arab Red Crescent


A SARC flag mounted on a vehicle on it's way to Madaya to provide urgently needed relief. Photo: Yazan Safi / Syrian Arab Red Crescent


The first humanitarian relief convoy to Madaya in 2016 included 44 SARC trucks, carrying relief items provided by partners including the ICRC, UN and partner National Societies. UN and ICRC teams were also part of the convoy. Photo: Yazan Safi / Syrian Arab Red Crescent


Syrian Arab Red Crescent trucks travel from Homs to Kafriya and Fouaa. SARC delivered more than 20 truckloads of aid to the besieged town. SARC volunteers distributed all relief items in this convoy. Abdulaziz Al-droubi / Syrian Arab Red Crescent


On 11 January, Syrian Arab Red Crescent delivered much needed relief items including food, milk powder for infants, nutrition suppliments and blankets to Madaya, Kafriya and Foua. Partners including the UN and Movement partners supported SARC to deliver this assistance by supplying the relief items. 
Abdulaziz Al-droubi / Syrian Arab Red Crescent


Syrian Arab Red Crescent trucks carrying relief enter the town of Madaya well after dark. Photo: Mouhanad Asadi / Syrian Arab Red Crescent


SARC's 140 volunteers were accompanied by teams from the ICRC and UN. Photo: Mouhanad Asadi / Syrian Arab Red Crescent


Relief finally arrives to the besieged town of Madaya. Photo: Riham Mourshed / Syrian Arab Red Crescent


SARC volunteer teams distribute relief items provided by partners, and delivered to Madaya in SARC trucks. Photo: Riham Mourshed / Syrian Arab Red Crescent  


Among the relief items delivered by SARC were blankets. Many partners contributed the relief distributed by SARC volunteers, including the ICRC and UN agencies. Photo: Mouhanad Asadi / Syrian Arab Red Crescent


At the same time that relief was being distributed in Madaya, further SARC teams were distributing aid in Kafriya and Fouaa, two more besieged towns in Idlib Governorate. Photo: Hasan Nerabi / Syrian Arab Red Crescent