Manar al-Sayed Darra, Idleb branch, Syrian Arab Red Crescent

Published: 18 August 2014 16:05 CET

I decided to join the Syrian Arab Red Crescent(SARC) Idleb branch when I saw one of SARC volunteers taking an injured person to hospital. The work he did inspired me to join and to become a volunteer.

From the beginning, I have been involved in every area of humanitarian activity. I participated in SARC response to the Zaizon dam disaster; I helped respond to the previous Iraqi crisis; and I went to Turkey to learn how to train other volunteers.

During the conflict in Lebanon, I worked with SARC to provide food to poor families, and for six years we ran a project called ‘a loaf of bread,’ to help families who had lost their breadwinner. I was very happy doing this job. I also took part in collecting donations for people in Gaza in 2009.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria,  we worked hard to prepare shelters and reception for people arriving in Idlib and to provide them with relief items.

We conducted psychosocial support activities inside shelters to help put smiles on children’s faces again. I also transferred emergency cases from the city of Idleb to the countryside. I am still working with my colleagues from SARC and will continue this work until my last breath.