Samia Al Bish, Damascus branch, Syrian Arab Red Crescent

Published: 18 August 2014 16:02 CET

I am a first-aider and a first aid trainer. I’m also a Media graduate, and the founder of the Al Bish Swimming School and the General Secretary of the Syrian Lifesaving Committee.

I’ve been a Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) volunteer since 2003 and a first aid trainer since 2005, participating in response operations during the Lebanese and Iraqi crises.

Since the onset of the crisis in Syria, I took part in responses by providing intensive courses in first aid to the public and advanced courses to volunteers who joined the first aid squads. On first aid level, I provided first health care and evacuation services in field to casualties.

In 2012, I was in charge of the medical point in Al Moadamiya. I suffered several injuries during my field missions: one shrapnel wound in the wrist and three others in the chest. In another mission, I was shot by a sniper in the upper arm; some of that shrapnel is still in my body now. I suspended my work in the first aid department for a while, and then I returned to the training department. Now I am returning to the first aid department. Despite of all of my injuries, I am very happy to do my best to provide  humanitarian services under the SARC umbrella in line with the fundamental principles of the movement.