In pictures - Syria: World Food Day

Every morning from 3am a team from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent branch in Damascus start work in local bakeries to produce bread for displaced people living in temporary shelters around the city. The disaster management team work with four bakeries in Damascus, overseeing and helping to bake and pack the bread. Every day around 3755 bags of bread are distributed to approximately 10,960 people. The bags of bread go straight from the bakeries to be distributed to IDPs in shelters and guest houses.


Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) Damascus branch work with four bakeries to produce fresh bread of some of the many displaced people now living in Damascus due to the crisis. Here a SARC volunteer performs a quality control check as the dough is mixed.  SARC/Yazan Safi


SARC volunteers take part in the production process at the bakeries, starting work at 3am in order to prepare the bread. SARC/Yazan Safi


As the bread comes out the oven on a conveyer belt it cools, ready to be packed into bags. SARC/Yazan Safi


The bread travels straight from the Damascus bakery to a temporary shelter, where SARC volunteers prepare for the day’s distribution.  SARC/Yazan Safi


SARC volunteers from Damascus branch prepare bread for distribution to displaced people living in a temporary shelter. Following assessments of local shelters, the branch have increased the numbers of people they are reaching with bread distributions to over 10,000 people every single day. SARC/Yazan Safi


People coming to collect bread at the distribution point in Damascus, Syria.  SARC/Yazan Safi


SARC volunteers handing out the bread to displaced people living in Damascus. Many people have fled the fighting and struggle to find work to support their families.  SARC/Yazan Safi