Syrian Arab Red Crescent delivers relief to five hard to reach areas through collaboration with partners

Published: 18 February 2016 17:55 CET

By Stephen Ryan (@stiofanoriain), IFRC

On 17 February 2016, Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), in collaboration with humanitarian partners in Syria delivered relief aid (food & medicines) to five hard to reach areas – Madaya, Zabadani and Moadamiya in Rural Damascus Governorate, as well as Fouaa and Kefraya in Idlib Governorate. The relief operation continued long after dark and into the morning of 18 February.

The aid sent in yesterday’s convoys included food parcels, flour, nutritional items and medicines. Over 170 SARC volunteers were on hand to deliver and distribute the aid. In all, 115 truckloads of relief were provided - 32 trucks to Moadamiya, 65 trucks to Madaya and Zabadani, and 18 trucks to Fouaa and Kefraya.

In addition to collaborating with various humanitarian partners to provide aid items, SARC sent two of their mobile health units including trained teams to accompany the convoys, in order to provide much-needed medical assistance. These mobile health units have been accessing these hard to reach areas including Madaya on an almost daily basis in recent weeks, evacuating urgent medical cases to hospital, under the agreement of all parties.

“Our goal is to reach the most vulnerable people, and today the Syrian Arab Red Crescent managed to deliver food and medical relief aid to Madaya, Zabadani, and Moadamiya in Rural Damascus, and Foua and Kefraya in Rural Idlib,” said Dr. Abdulrahman Attar, president of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. “SARC’s teams are in high preparedness mode to carry out their humanitarian role, and to deliver relief aid to the affected people all over Syria,” he added.

Syrian Arab Red Crescent provides relief in hard to reach areas such as these whenever it is able to do so, often in collaboration with partners such as the UN and others. Each of these towns has been reached in the past month by SARC teams, but secure, sustained humanitarian access is vitally needed in order to prevent further unnecessary suffering.

For more information on this operation, please read the relevant SARC press release in English or Arabic, or visit For regular updates, you can also follow SARC on Twitter: @SYRedCrescent