20 November 2002

Opinion: memories of the past provide hope for the future

Children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic are rightly the focus of much attention on Universal Children's Day.
6 November 2002

Europe's forgotten elderly

Elderly and housebound people dependent on home care in Central and Eastern Europe are being forgotten as economic constraints and cutbacks in state health and care programmes reduce the services to them.
9 October 2002

From repair to prepare - a motto for disaster reduction

Disaster reduction is everyone's business - governments, local communities and the private sector.
26 August 2002

Communities hold the key to sustainable development

The sub Saharan region is threatened by a famine of terrible magnitude, where close to 13 million people in Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho, Malawi could perish in the next three months, unless there is a huge humanitarian intervention.
9 August 2002

Youth: our future, our present

"Youth are the future".
2 August 2002

Southern Africa: it's time for action, the lives of millions hang in the balance

21 June 2002

Business or politics?

The aid business has changed tremendously over the past ten years.
12 April 2002

European conference: who cares about migrants?

8 April 2002

Where will those of a working age find a working wage?

5 April 2002

The poor need a chance to contribute to their future