13 December 2007

Addressing discrimination in disasters

Some 142 million people worldwide were affected by disasters in 2006.
28 November 2007

The fight against HIV: there are no short-cuts

In the neighbourhood of Mabopane, a suburb of the South African capital Pretoria, she is known as “Auntie Elizabeth”.
10 October 2007

Reducing the humanitarian consequences of climate change

This year, the world has watched aghast as unprecedented floods have washed across Asia and swamped large swathes of Africa.
28 September 2007

Africa’s flooding crisis will only get worse

Red Cross Red Crescent disasters statistics show a worrying rise in the number of flood emergencies dealt with by volunteers across the African continent.
5 June 2007

What will it take?

This week, representatives from governments, the UN and aid agencies will meet in Geneva to talk about disaster risk reduction, about what needs to be done to minimize the impact of natural hazards like earthquakes, landslides and hurricanes on disaster p
9 May 2007

Tapping into the enormous potential of Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers more effectively

Paris, November 1918, Juliette, a French Red Cross volunteer nurse examines a patient with symptoms of Influenza.
6 April 2007

Climate change will take its heaviest toll on the poor and the vulnerable

Climate change is exacerbating extreme weather events and patterns around the world, leading to more frequent and intense disasters.
20 March 2007

Tackling the water and sanitation challenge

The consumption of water and the generation of human wastes are such commonplace aspects of human life that planning for their appropriate use or removal may be overlooked.