30 December 2008

Tsunami response strengthens community coping

In mid November in 2008, a 7.
20 October 2008

‘War, poverty, HIV’ and hope

The time has come for some good news from Africa, says Juan Manuel Suárez del Toro, President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
1 July 2008

The changing humanitarian world

June 30 was the last day of work as Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies for 62-year-old Markku Niskala.
27 June 2008

HIV in Southern Africa: “A disaster by anyone’s definition”

The 2008 World Disasters Report makes a bold statement, one that has been feared and dodged by most.
26 June 2008

HIV and AIDS response failing to keep pace with an evolving disaster

This year’s World Disasters Report is the first to focus on a single condition and for very good reason.
23 May 2008

Twenty-one nights in the rain-swept delta: finding a way to Myanmar’s homeless

With the Myanmar government indicating it may allow aid workers into the country, the task of reaching Burma's remoter regions becomes even more pressing.
24 April 2008

Children keep dying of malaria, unnecessarily

Today, on World Malaria Day, 3,000 children will die of malaria.
22 April 2008

Food prices: Waking up to Africa’s nightmare

Last week’s announcement by the United States government that it was releasing $200 million in emergency aid to alleviate chronic food shortages should be applauded by all.
22 January 2008

When saving lives is not enough

“I was only thinking of how to get to the hills that time,” remembered Leni, a young mother of a three year old daughter.