21 December 2009

What has the tsunami really taught us?

Five years ago, on 26 December 2004, a massive earthquake off the coast of Sumatra created a tsunami that swept across the Indian Ocean.
14 October 2009

Decreasing the Destructiveness of Disasters is our only choice

Today, as Asia Pacific reels from one devastating disaster after another, more than 12 million people have been extensively affected.
25 September 2009

The G20 must lay the foundations for bold action on climate change in Copenhagen

If necessity is the mother of invention, we should be looking forward to a breathtakingly innovative agreement on climate change in Copenhagen in December.
14 August 2009

Are you pandemic-proof?

When catastrophes hit the world - killing people, wreaking havoc, and threatening our way of life - the world responds with its entire means.
17 June 2009

Climate change: the ultimate early warning

To many people enduring its effects worldwide, the global economic crisis must have felt like what we, in the humanitarian sphere, call a “sudden-onset” disaster.
4 May 2009

Breathing new life into the principle of humanity

How has today’s world come to have 2.
23 March 2009

Tuberculosis : lack of information is a killer

Tuberculosis (TB) remains a high cause of mortality throughout the world.
12 February 2009

Cholera soars while funds dry up

At some point in the past three weeks Zimbabwe passed a grim milestone.