IFRC Secretary General encourages Hong Kong Red Cross to provide “global leadership”

Published: 5 September 2016

Hong Kong/Geneva – 5 September, 2016. The Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), Elhadj As Sy, has praised the Hong Kong Red Cross, and called on its volunteers and staff to take a more active role in shaping the Red Cross and Red Crescent’s global agenda.

The Hong Kong Red Cross, a branch of the Red Cross Society of China, provides a range of services to vulnerable communities, including through its disaster relief and preparedness efforts, its blood and community health and health services, and through its long running youth development activities. It is also a generous supporter of global IFRC emergency response efforts, both through the provision of cash and trained aid workers.

“We greatly value the support of the Hong Kong Red Cross and the Red Cross Society of China, including in response to recent major crises such as the Nepal earthquake and Typhoon Haiyan,” said Mr Sy. “I was able to witness during my visit the tremendous capacity and expertise that exists in the National Society, and I encouraged more active sharing of these assets, as well as greater participation in global IFRC work.”

During his visit, Mr Sy met with the Chairman of the Hong Kong Red Cross, Mr Vincent Lo, along with the Secretary General, Ms Bonnie So, and other senior managers. He also met with Dr Ko Wing Man, the Secretary for Food and Health of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, and partners from the private sector.

Mr Sy visited the Hong Kong Red Cross Humanitarian Education Centre, which seeks to disseminate humanitarian messages and values through innovate and experiential learning. He ended his visit with a speech to Red Cross volunteers and staff, where he highlighted the unique role of the Red Cross and Red Crescent in responding to today’s growing global humanitarian challenges.

“Our added value is our permanent presence in communities around the world. We are present in 190 countries, in tens of thousands of communities, including those that are most isolated, most vulnerable,” he said.

“This presence helps build the necessary trust and respect to accompany communities to respond to their needs, and build the bridge to walk the last mile to the hardest to reach.”

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