Qatar Red Crescent Society celebrates the International Day of Charity

Published: 9 September 2013
Mr Saleh Al-Muhanadi, Secretary General of the Qatar Red Crescent Society, addresses the event to celebrate the International Day of Charity, which was organized in support of children in Syria.

The Qatar Red Crescent Society celebrated the International Day of Charity in support of children in Syria, together with its official hospitality partner Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Doha. This event is held annually by the United Nations on 5 September.

The event stems from an awareness of the severity of the humanitarian situation across the world and the importance of charity work, which alleviates suffering and contributes to the promotion of dialogue between people of different cultural and religious backgrounds, and to the promotion of solidarity and understanding between these people.

This UN declaration draws on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which recognizes the importance of maintaining the dignity and equal rights of all human beings as one of the most important foundations of freedom, justice and peace in the world.

Mr Saleh Al-Muhanadi, Secretary General of the Qatar Red Crescent Society, commented: "In light of the tragic humanitarian situation in Syria, which is having a devastating effect on Syrian families, particularly children, the Qatar Red Crescent Society decided to use this occasion to highlight their suffering; those who are displaced inside Syria and those who are refugees in neighbouring countries.

A focus on children

"We also made a decision to focus on bringing happiness to Syrian children through the provision of recreational activities and games carried out in collaboration with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, a strategic partner which is keen on charity work as part of its social responsibility efforts."

He added: "We would like to take advantage of this platform to encourage companies, state institutions and community members to donate in order to help us carry out relief projects to equip hospitals and treat the injured, provide shelter, food and other essential items, as well as psychosocial support for children in Syria."

Commenting on the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Doha, as the official hospitality partner of the Qatar Red Crescent Society, Mr Muhanadi stressed the significance of partnerships between institutions in order to promote charity work that helps the needy and vulnerable.

He added "We are proud of our partnership and continued cooperation with our official hospitality partner and would like to express our sincere thanks to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel for all their help and support, especially in regards to the recreational activities for Syrian refugee children in Qatar, which help put a smile back on faces which have witnessed nothing but suffering for so long now."

Mr Hoss Vetry, Cluster General Manager of Ritz-Carlton, Doha, declared: "We are proud of the partnership between the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Doha, and the Qatar Red Crescent and to look at all the significant events and causes we have pursued together. This leads us to be here today, at the occasion of the International Day of Charity, for a needy humanitarian cause."

Saving lives

The donations will contribute to saving lives; bringing relief to the displaced and increasing the capacity of the Qatar Red Crescent Society's hospitals and clinics, which are in urgent need of essential medicines and medical consumables. They will also allow the Qatar Red Crescent Society to stockpile drugs, medical consumables and surgical supplies, and provide ambulances for the evacuation and rescue of the wounded, as well as for transferring medical staff and materials as necessary.

In addition, the Qatar Red Crescent Society will establish outreach programmes on how to cope with chemical attacks, establish processing points to remove chemical contamination and medical points to give treatment. Programmes will also include the documentation of cases, the purchasing of tents to set up camps in safe areas, food and other items for the displaced, and it will support projects to provide clean water and sanitation.

The National Society also aims to provide secure warehouses in a number of locations, in order to improve the process of logistical supply to hospitals. It will also ensure a secure means of communication between field operations of the mission headquarters and personnel in the affected areas, and will work to coordinate and cooperate with relevant organizations and bodies in the field to facilitate the rescue and evacuation operations.

At the end of the International Day of Charity, the Qatar Red Crescent Society launched the National Women's Forum featuring a number of women from the National Society who aim to promote the spirit of volunteerism, mobilize resources and support the Qatar Red Crescent Society by urging more women to donate to its humanitarian projects and activities.