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Type of Disasters/ Categories
Cold Wave
Heat Wave
Biological Emergency
Insect Infestation
Volcanic Eruption
Storm Surge
Pluvial/Flash Flood
Technological and Man Made
Transport Accident
Nuclear Emergency
Radiological Emergency
Chemical Emergency
Non Technological and Man Made
Civil Unrest
Complex Emergency
Food Insecurity
Population Movement
All other disaster and emergencies

The total number of documents meeting the criteria is 14088
Location Appeal code Appeal name Document type Date
Serbia MDRRS014 Serbia - Floods (MDRRS014) DREF Operation Update
21 Oct 2020
Sudan MDRSD028 Sudan - Floods (MDRSD028) Operation Update
20 Oct 2020
Viet Nam MDRVN020 Vietnam - Floods (MDRVN020) DREF Operation
20 Oct 2020
Nigeria MDRNG030 Nigeria - Floods (MDRNG030) DREF Operation
19 Oct 2020
Democratic Republic of Congo MDRCD031 Dem Rep Congo - Floods in Saké (MDRCD031) DREF Operation
15 Oct 2020
Bosnia and Herzegovina MDRBA011 Bosnia and Herzegovina - Population Movement (MDRBA011) Operations Update no. 6
13 Oct 2020
Mozambique MDRMZ014 Mozambique - Tropical Cyclone Idai (MDRMZ014) Operation Updated
12 Oct 2020
Sudan MDRSD027 Sudan - Cholera Outbreak (MDRSD027) DREF Final Report
12 Oct 2020
Libya MDRLY002 Libya : Population Movement (MDRLY002) DREF Operation Update
12 Oct 2020
Cameroon MDRCM029 Cameroon - Floods in Far North (MDRCM029) DREF Operation
08 Oct 2020
Tanzania MDRTZ028 Tanzania - Elections Preparedness (MDRTZ028) DREF Operation
08 Oct 2020
Europe regional office MDR65003 Turkey, Greece & Other Countries - Pop. Mvt (MDR65003) Emergency Appeal Revision no. 2
08 Oct 2020
Democratic Republic of Congo MDRCD026 DR Congo - Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak (MDRCD026) Revised Emergency Appeal
07 Oct 2020
South Sudan MDRSS009 South Sudan - Floods (MDRSS009) Emergency Appeal Revision
07 Oct 2020
Ecuador MDREC016 Ecuador - Volcanic Eruption (MDREC016) DREF operation
06 Oct 2020
Tunisia MDRTN009 Tunisia - Flash Floods (MDRTN009) DREF Operation
06 Oct 2020
Cote d'Ivoire MDRCI013 Côte d'Ivoire - Elections Preparedness (MDRCI013) DREF Operation
06 Oct 2020
Pakistan MDRPK019 Pakistan - Monsoon Flood (MDRPK019) DREF Operation Update
06 Oct 2020
Republic of Congo MDRCG017 Republic of Congo - Ebola Virus Disease Prep. (MDRCG017) DREF Operation Update no. 1
06 Oct 2020
Indonesia MDRID016 Indonesia: Aceh Migration Operation (MDRID016) DREF Operation Update
05 Oct 2020
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