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Type of Disasters/ Categories
Cold Wave
Heat Wave
Biological Emergency
Insect Infestation
Volcanic Eruption
Storm Surge
Pluvial/Flash Flood
Technological and Man Made
Transport Accident
Nuclear Emergency
Radiological Emergency
Chemical Emergency
Non Technological and Man Made
Civil Unrest
Complex Emergency
Food Insecurity
Population Movement
All other disaster and emergencies

The total number of documents meeting the criteria is 14209
Location Appeal code Appeal name Document type Date
Lebanon MDRLB009 Lebanon - Beirut-Port Explosions (MDRLB009) Operations update
03 Dec 2020
Guatemala MDRGT016 Guatemala - Population Movement (MDRGT016) DREF Final Report
02 Dec 2020
Mozambique MAAMZ001 EAP_2020_Mozambique (MAAMZ001) Early Action Protocol: Mozambique Floods
02 Dec 2020
Venezuela MDRVE004 Venezuela - Health Emergency (MDRVE004) Operations Update no. 3
01 Dec 2020
Viet Nam MDRVN020 Vietnam - Floods (MDRVN020) Operations Update 1
01 Dec 2020
Madagascar MDRMG017 Madagascar - Food Insecurity (MDRMG017) DREF Operation
01 Dec 2020
Nigeria MDRNG031 Nigeria - Yellow Fever Outbreak (MDRNG031) DREF Operation
30 Nov 2020
Tajikistan MDRTJ029 Tajikistan: Floods (MDRTJ029) DREF Operation Final Report
30 Nov 2020
Pakistan MDRPK018 Pakistan - Severe Winter (MDRPK018) DREF Operation Final Report
30 Nov 2020
Comoro Islands MDRKM007 Comoros - Tropical Cyclone Kenneth (MDRKM007) Final Report
27 Nov 2020
Philippines MDRPH041 Philippines - Floods and Typhoons 2020 (MDRPH041) Emergency Appeal Revision
25 Nov 2020
Djibouti MDRDJ003 Djibouti - Flash Floods (MDRDJ003) DREF Operation Final Report
25 Nov 2020
Central America country cluster MDR43007 Central America - Hurricane Eta (MDR43007) Operations Update no. 1
24 Nov 2020
Madagascar MDRMG015 Madagascar - Tropical Cyclone Belna Preparedness (MDRMG015) DREF Operation Final Report
24 Nov 2020
Philippines MDRPH040 Phillipines : Mindanao Returnees (MDRPH040) DREF Operation Update
24 Nov 2020
Indonesia MDRID017 Indonesia: West Kalimantan & South Sulawesi Floods (MDRID017) DREF Operation Update
24 Nov 2020
Comoro Islands MDRKM008 Comoros - Tropical Cyclone Belna (MDRKM008) DREF Operation Final Report
24 Nov 2020
Colombia MDRCO014 Colombia - Population Movement (MDRCO014) 30-month update
24 Nov 2020
Africa MAA00000 IB Ethiopia_Population Movement IB Ethiopia_Population Movement
21 Nov 2020
Colombia MDRCO017 Colombia - Hurricane Iota (MDRCO017) DREF operation
20 Nov 2020
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