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Type of Disasters/ Categories
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Collapse ClimatologicalClimatological
Cold Wave
Heat Wave
Collapse BiologicalBiological
Biological Emergency
Insect Infestation
Collapse GeophysicalGeophysical
Volcanic Eruption
Collapse MeteorologicalMeteorological
Collapse HydrologicalHydrological
Pluvial/Flash Flood
Storm Surge
Collapse Technological and Man MadeTechnological and Man Made
Chemical Emergency
Nuclear Emergency
Radiological Emergency
Transport Accident
Collapse Non Technological and Man MadeNon Technological and Man Made
Civil Unrest
Complex Emergency
Food Insecurity
Population Movement
Collapse OtherOther
All other disaster and emergencies
Management response
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Collapse EvaluationEvaluation
Cluster evaluation
Conference evaluation
Final evaluation
Impact evaluation
Joint evaluation
Meta evaluation
Mid-term evaluation
Real-time evaluation
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Case study/research

The total number of evaluations meeting the criteria is 549
Location Category Title Type Organisation Mngt. response Document Publication Date
Nepal country office - Mid Term Review of Nepal Earthquake Recovery Operation Review IFRC pdf
03 Apr 2018
Nepal country office Flood Final Evaluation of Nepal Community Based Disaster Risk Management in Koshi Basin Survey IFRC pdf
03 Apr 2018
- Global - - RCRC Statutory Meetings: Taking the Participant Perspective (Conference Feedback Report) Conference evaluation IFRC pdf
30 Mar 2018
- Global - All other disaster and emergencies Review of the IFRC Head of Emergency Operations (HEOps) program Review IFRC zip
12 Mar 2018
Caribbean country cluster - Baseline study on Capacity Building for Disaster Preparedness and Response in Caribbean National Societies Baseline National Society pdf
08 Mar 2018
Asia Pacific - Asia Pacific Emergency WASH Training Review Review IFRC pdf
20 Feb 2018
Asia Pacific regional office, Bangladesh Population Movement Internal Review of Bangladesh Population Movement Operation (PMO) Review IFRC pdf
05 Feb 2018
Democratic People Republic of Korea - Final Evaluation of 2016 North Hamgyong Flood Operation, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Review IFRC pdf
29 Jan 2018
Fiji - Evaluation of FRCS' operations related to the Tropical Cyclone Winston (TCW) in Fiji, for the period June 1, 2016 - July 31, 2017 Final evaluation IFRC pdf
24 Jan 2018
Hungary Population Movement MDRHU004 Hungary: Population Movement EA lessons learned final report Final evaluation, Survey IFRC, National Society pdf
23 Jan 2018
Sweden - Review of proactive area MEAL Review National Society pdf
12 Jan 2018
Belarus - End-of-phase evaluation of the Belarus Red Cross Project for Mental Health Final evaluation IFRC pdf
12 Jan 2018
Kazakhstan - External final evaluation of the project "Strengthening capacities of the Red Crescent Society of Kazakhstan and Civil Society Organisations to contribute to local development in Kyzylorda oblast" Final evaluation IFRC pdf
10 Jan 2018
Honduras Population Movement DREF Honduras: Movimiento de Población - Reporte del Taller de Lecciones Aprendidas Review IFRC, National Society pdf
22 Dec 2017
Argentina Flood Argentina Floods Appeal Final Evaluation (MDRAR010) Final evaluation IFRC, National Society zip
18 Dec 2017
Madagascar - Final Evaluation Report, Madagascar Food Security Project Final evaluation IFRC pdf
11 Dec 2017
Africa, Africa regional office Epidemic Ebola Synthesis Reference Document Meta evaluation IFRC pdf
01 Dec 2017
Belarus Population Movement Final evaluation of the Belarus: Population movement Emergency Appeal operation (MDRBY006) Final evaluation IFRC pdf
29 Nov 2017
Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe Country Case Study: Effective law and policy on gender equality and protection from sexual and gender-based violence in disasters Case study/research IFRC, National Society pdf
15 Nov 2017
- Global - - Global Study: Effective law and policy on gender equality and protection from sexual and gender-based violence in disasters Case study/research IFRC pdf
15 Nov 2017
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