What can I find on this database?

In this database you can find two types of documents:

1) Legal and policy instruments related to disaster management from the international, regional, national, provincial and local levels

At the international and regional levels these include:

  • Treaties
  • Resolutions and declarations of intergovernmental organizations
  • Exchanges of notes and letters
  • Memoranda of understanding
  • Guidelines, codes, models, and other “soft law”

At the national, provincial and local levels they include:

  • Disaster-related laws, regulations and policies
  • Relevant portions of national laws relevant to international disaster assistance (such as those related to visas, customs, NGO registration and other related matters)

2) References to articles, book chapters and reports relevant to disaster law

After a successful search, a list of documents will come up in alphabetical order. If you click on the title of a document, the text will be called up in PDF format. In order to read these pages, you will need to download Adobe Reader (available for free at http://www.adobe.com).

In the column to the right of the article on the documents list you will see the symbol (i). It represents an “information document.” Clicking on that symbol will call up additional information about the document, including the title, sections or articles that are especially relevant to your search terms (if any), citation information, an external link (if any). Please refer to the Disclaimer and user agreement as to the permitted use of all documents.