WDR 2014 - Launch events

Launch of World Disasters Report 2014: Focus on culture and risk

20 October, 2014. Overseas Development Institute. London.

Tim Waites - Senior Disaster, Resilience and Livelihoods Advisor, UK Department for International Development


Terry Cannon - Lead Editor of 2014 World Disasters Report, Institute of Development Studies


Nick Hall - Head of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation, Save the Children

Mo Hamza - Professor of Disaster Risk Management and Vulnerability Studies, The University of Copenhagen


Wendy Fenton - Coordinator, Humanitarian Practice Network 

Viet Nam Red Cross Society launch

Red Cross event

The Viet Nam Red Cross Society bought together a panel featuring speakers from the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development, the World Bank Group, Development Workshop France (DWF) and the country's Directorate of Water Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to discuss the impact of culture on disaster preparedness in the region.

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