What we do

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the world’s largest humanitarian and development network, with millions of volunteers in 190 member National Societies.

We are guided by Strategy 2020 – our collective plan of action to tackle the major humanitarian and development challenges of the present decade. We will continue  ‘saving lives and changing minds’ by focusing our work in three key areas: 1) disaster response and recovery, 2) development and 3) promoting social inclusion and peace.

Disaster response and recovery

  • Natural disasters have been increasing in number, scale and complexity. Our experience tells us that there is an urgent need to properly link humanitarian response to disaster preparedness and risk reduction, as this saves lives, is cost-effective and builds resilience.
  • We know that this approach makes a lasting difference, because it has been a cornerstone of our work for decades.
  • Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers live in the communities they serve, and are present before, during and after a crisis.
  • They are the first to respond when disaster strikes and have the greatest motivation in helping their community recover.
  • Volunteers know best how to comfort and support the affected people, because they are the affected people.


  • We are active in health (including extensive HIV/AIDS programming), food security, water and sanitation.
  • We deliver programming addressing the humanitarian consequences of climate change, urbanization, violence and regular and irregular migration.
  • We work in close collaboration with communities to support their capacity building.

Promoting social inclusion and peace

  • We promote the practical application of the Fundamental Principles.
  • We support the integration of disadvantaged people into their communities.
  • Our volunteering and youth networks contribute to cross-generational dialogue, bridge divides between religions and cultures, and quietly challenge discrimination wherever it is encountered.

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