IFRC-supported preparedness programme (2014)

In recent months, Ukrainian Red Cross Society has placed particular emphasis on emergency preparedness, preposition of emergency stocks such as tents, hygiene kits, etc., and training of emergency medical response teams.

The worsening situation has required the mobilization of all the resources of the National Society: emergency response teams, trained volunteers, and use of all available warehouse stocks of emergency supplies.

As part of its preparedness and response efforts, Ukrainian Red Cross Society has carried out a large number of first aid training sessions in 2014, both for its own emergency response teams, and the general public.

  • Basic training:              10,000 people
  • Advanced training:           418 people

Emergency appeal

In December 2013, the IFRC allocated 139,302 Swiss francs from its Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to assist 10,000 people by deploying emergency medical response teams to help those injured and wounded in Kyiv and other provinces.

In March 2014, this amount was extended to a total of 317,790 Swiss francs, to enable to society to recruit and provide specialist first aid training to 600 volunteers, equip these teams, and establish emergency medical posts in key cities. Procurement of tents, generators and blankets was also provided for.

An emergency appeal was issued by the IFRC in May 2014

  • Deliver assistance and support further 5,000 people
    • Issued: 12 May 2014
    • Amount: 1,375,100 Swiss francs
    • Coverage: 68 per cent

Main elements:

  • Health: first aid / psychosocial support
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene promotion: preparedness stocks (hygiene kits)
  • Shelter and settlements: preparedness stocks (non-food items)
  • National Society capacity building

Partnership meeting

Ukrainian Red Cross Society hosted a partnership meeting in Kyiv on 26-27 August 2014 to discuss their action in response to the current situation, as well as their longer-term programmes. All partner donors of the society took part.