CBHFA initiatives around the world

National Societies have been addressing first aid and health promotion using the community-based first aid method (CBFA) since the 1990s. CBFA has since been revisited, with a community participation element to health promotion introduced. In 2009, the CBHFA approach was launched and materials disseminated around the world.

The CBHFA approach seeks to create healthy and resilient communities by empowering volunteers and communities to take charge of their health. Using an integrated approach, volunteers are trained and mobilized to carry out activities within their communities.

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The impact of CBHFA

This approach:

  • empowers communities with a knowledge of first aid so they may treat injuries
  • enables communities to identify and address their health priorities
  • advocates health promotion and disease prevention
  • prepares volunteers to adequately respond to disasters

CBHFA materials have been adapted and translated into 40 languages. According to a CBHFA mapping carried out for 2012 some 85 National Societies together with 30,384 volunteers reached 2.8 million beneficiaries in 4,186 communities globally.

CBHFA continues to evolve to meet its final goal – an integrated, harmonized and long-term approach to community development that addresses emerging global challenges such as urban health, ageing populations and non-communicable diseases.

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