Red Cross Red Crescent Network of People Living with HIV (RCRC+)

The Red Cross Red Crescent Network of People Living with HIV (RCRC+) was formed in May 2008 to facilitate RCRC+ input into the "Living 2008" Symposium of people living with HIV (PLHIV) held in Mexico City on 31 July - 01 August 2008. All founding members of RCRC+ attended the "Living 2008" Conference. 

At this Conference, the RCRC+ terms of reference were established. They outline ongoing activities of the RCRC+ network and were approved by the Federation's HIV Governance Group in November 2008. One of the main activities mandated to the network is to provide feedback on the Federation's performance in implementing the Greater and Meaningful Involvement of PLHIV (GIPA) principle.
This may help National Societies create an atmosphere where PLHIV who need treatment feel comfortable enough to identify themselves to the National Societies Masambo Fund focal point.

• José María Di Bello, Argentina RC
• Ricardo Jiménez, Ecuador RC
• Guy Choquet, Canadian RC
• Miguel Ángel Ariza, Panamá RC

• Dorica Maguba, Malawi RC
• Sam Mugisha, Uganda RC
• Augustin Dokla, Togo RC

Asia Pacific
• Phorn Kim Hoeung, Cambodia RC

• Hanna Nazarava, Belarus RC

Into the light

In Asia Pacific an estimated 500,000 people who inject drugs are HIV+. In many countries, repressive laws fuel HIV transmission, denying drug users access to health and social services. Through a series of intimate portraits, this film highlights the impact of HIV harm reduction efforts carried out by the Red Cross in Cambodia and Viet Nam.

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