Legislation for disaster risk reduction

Legislation for Disaster Risk Reduction

In 2005, the Hyogo Framework for Action highlighted the importance of good legislation to support disaster risk reduction (DRR).  Without dedicated legislative frameworks, both government's own activities and the supportive work of community-based organizations like National Societies can be impacted. 

But what should good legislation say about DRR? 

Law & DRR

The IFRC and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are working on a joint project to research, compare and consult on the efforts of various countries to strengthen how their laws support the reduction of disaster risks, particularly at the community level.

Read more about the Law & DRR project.

From the Secretary-General

Disasters are not a department: to reduce risk, we must empower communities (10 May 2011)

Video Resources

Reducing risk through law: The case of the Philippines (2.17 minutes)

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