Key logistics services

Traditionally, we have provided logistics services to our member National Societies. We now also offer those services on a non-profit basis to others in the humanitarian sector. Our key services are listed below.

Procurement and transportation

When we receive your request for goods and services, we offer the most cost-effective way to deliver them in line with your specifications and timescales.

Warehousing and handling

Our global network of storage facilities, operated by specialist staff, allows us to ensure safe and efficient receipt, warehousing and dispatch of relief supplies.

Contingency stock

We hold pre-positioned stocks at our GHS&SCM regional units worldwide to meet the immediate needs of 450,000 people at any time and anywhere. We can store additional relief items in our warehouses upon request.

Fleet services

All vehicles operated under the IFRC umbrella are managed by the Global Fleet and Logistics Hub in Dubai. By implementing an optimized vehicle management strategy, we are able to secure the best possible pricing with the most appropriate vehicle specifications. Purchase options are not restricted to cars and can include motorcycles, forklifts, generators and even motor boats. Vehicles can also be equipped according to requirements – with radio equipment, vehicle recovery kits or additional security. In 2010, we adopted our Clean Fleet Strategy exemplifying the IFRC’s strong commitment to reducing the adverse effects of our fleet on the environment.


When you select one of our services, we can ensure that comprehensive insurance cover is in place.