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Fact Sheets:

Health Inequities, Migration and Access
Provides an overview of current issues around migrants' access to health services and initiatives to address them.

Global perspectives: Examples of current National Society Initiatives
Provides an overview of current regional, national and local initiatives from National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies around migration issues. 

"Looking at Life from a different side": How the Red Cross and Red Crescent is changing the dialogue on migration
Underlines issues around xenophobia, stigmatisation of migrants and why social iclusion is so important. It also provides an overview of RCRC National Societies activities to change the dialogue on migration.

Migrants Smuggled at sea. Ensuring their dignity and safety: an IFRC perspective
Provides an overview of the IFRC's position and approach to ensuring the dignity and safety of migrants being smuggled at sea. Examples of National Societies' activities on behalf of migrants smuggled at sea are also highlighted. 


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