Ethiopia: Guyo Golicha

By Katherine Roux

Guyo Golicha stands tall and dignified. At 42 years of age, he has been a volunteer with the Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) since 2006. He lives in Tuka village in the Oromia region of southern Ethiopia.  

Guyo takes immense pride in his work as a volunteer for the Ethiopian Red Cross, and he is highly respected by his fellow community members for the service he provides. Guyo supports a variety of Red Cross activities including first aid training for ERCS volunteers, water and sanitation awareness, and community health outreach programmes.

For Guyo, the Red Cross Red Crescent principles of neutrality and impartiality are the most significant, especially during the current drought. There are many tribal conflicts in the Oromia region, but Guyo proudly explains that assistance is given without partiality. “It never says anything about a person’s colour or tribe or religion; it just helps those that need it,” he says.

During the drought in 2008, Guyo helped distribute food and goats to the most vulnerable families. He explains: “As I am a local person and I speak many of the local languages, I was able to help identify those who needed help the most.”

Guyo will be also participating in the upcoming ERCS food distribution, in order to help his community make it through the current drought.