Kenya: Abdullahi Ibrahim

By Katherine Roux

A discreet yet confident individual, Abdul’s smile is a warm welcome into his community. Abdul is one of many Kenya Red Cross Society volunteers from the Tana River District who are helping former pastoralists diversify their livelihoods by farming. He knows it is a viable solution because, he explains, his father was once a pastoralist who became a farmer.

As a result of his father’s new profession, Abdul was able to wake up each day in the same place and attend school. He has now completed his secondary school education. “My older brothers and sisters did not go to school because they were always moving with the livestock. For me, it is different,” he says.

Abdul lives in the same community where he is actively volunteering year-round. He has a vested interest in helping those around him, and he is proud to be contributing to the sustained livelihoods of his community, especially during the current drought.

A volunteer with the KRCS for almost four years now, Abdul smiles as he describes his work doing hygiene promotion in the community because, he explains: “I know it makes a difference.”