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In Pictures: Behind every statistic, there is a story

In Pictures: Behind every statistic, there is a story

In April 2015, thousands of Burundians began fleeing to neighbouring countries, following the outbreak of pre-election violence in their home country. For many, it was not the first time they had been forced to flee.  The Red Cross Red Crescent is focused on meeting the humanitarian needs of migrants, protecting them, preventing loss of life, treating people with dignity, and calls for a...

In Pictures - Burundi Red Cross volunteer responders

In Pictures - Burundi Red Cross volunteer responders

When pre-election violence broke out in Burundi in April 2015, volunteers with the Burundi Red Cross were among the first to respond.  They continue to provide first aid, evacuate the injured to hospitals, and disinfect high-risk areas to help avoid the spread of disease. Meet some of the more than 100 Burundi Red Cross volunteer emergency responders.     Jean Baptiste Niyungeko, 33, Operations cooridinator - join...

In Pictures - Burundi crisis

In Pictures - Burundi crisis

In April 2015, protestors took to the streets of Burundi's capital, following the President's announcement that he would seek a third term in office. The protests led to a number of casualties, and forced more than 96,000 people to seek safety in neighbouring countries of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.   More than 100 Burundi Red Cross volunteers have been on the front line...

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Comité National - Rohero I
18 Avenue des Etats-Unis

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B.P. 324

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Tel: (257)22 21 88 70/71
Fax: (257) 22 21 11 01
Email: croixrougebi@yahoo.fr
Web: www.croixrougeburundi.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CroixRougeBurundi/

Language of correspondence: French


  • Président: Mr. Pamphile KANTABAZE
  • Vice-Président: M. Pierre BARAMPENDA
  • Secrétaire Général: Mr. Anselme KATIYUNGURUZA
  • Chargé du développement Communautaire: M. Jean KABAHIZI
  • Conseiller Juridique: M. Gédéon MUBIRIGI
  • Chargé de la Jeunesse: M. Lambert IRIHO
  • Assistante du Secrétaire Général: Mme Lucie NTAHONDEREYE
  • Membre/Représentant des Provinces: M. Stany NKUNZIMANA/BUBANZA
  • Membre/Représentant des Provinces: M. Libère NDAYISHIMIYE/GITEGA
  • Membre/Représentant des Provinces: M. Anicet NGENDANGENZWA/Bujumbura Rural
  • Membre/Représentant des Provinces: M. Audace AKIMANA/BURURI
  • Membre/Représentant des Province: M. Alphonse MWERU/CANKUZO
  • Membre/Repésentant des Provinces: M. Evariste SINZINKAYO/CIBITOKE
  • Membre/Représentant des Provinces: Mme Consolate NTAHIMPERA/KARUSI
  • Membre/Représentant des Provinces: Mme Joconde WABAGIRA/KAYANZA
  • Membre/Représentant des Provinces: M. Dr. Theodore NZOBATINYA/KIRUNDO
  • Membre/Représentant des Provinces: M. George NIJIMBERE/MAKAMBA
  • Membre/Représentant des Province: M. Damien MUKEZANGANGO/MUYINGA
  • Membre/Représentant des Provinces: M. Célestin NDAYIZEYE/RUYIGI
  • Membre/Représentant des Provinces: M. Ernest HABONAYO/NWARO
  • Membre/Représantant des Provinces: M. Joseph CIZA/BUJUMBURA MAIRIE
  • Représentant de la Région Nord: M. Damien MUKENZANGANGO/MUYINGA
  • Directeur Développement Organisationnel et de la Diplomatie Humanitaire: M Balthazar BACINONI
  • Trésorier-Adjoint: M. Paul NDAYONGEJE
  • Conseiller à la santé: Dr. Georgette NDIHOKUBWAYO
  • Membre/Représentant des Provinces: M. Lambert IRIHO/RUTANA

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