Red Crescent Society of Azerbaijan

All eyes on the ball on the former frontline

The atmosphere in the stadium is tense; the crowd waiting for the referee’s whistle that will kick-off the final. Spectators waving Red Crescent flags and national flags watch the players in Red Crescent shirts on the pitch, all eyes on the ball. With elimination matches over, the last teams standing want to take the cup and go back to school in two days time as champions of the Red Crescent...

Living with HIV in Azerbaijan

Living with HIV in Azerbaijan

“People living with HIV are no different to anyone else,” says 36 year-old Adil Bagirov.

Azerbaijan: Red Crescent takes preventive measures on avian flu

Azerbaijan: Red Crescent takes preventive measures on avian flu

The Azerbaijan Health Ministry and Veterinary Service announced the presence of avian influenza virus H5N1 in Azerbaijan in February 2006.

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Samad Vurgun street 112
AZ1022 Baku

Contact Information:

Tel: (994) (12) 493 84 81
Fax: (994) (12) 493 15 78

Language of correspondence: English and Russain


  • President: Dr Novruz ASLANOV
  • Vice-President: Mr Gafar ASGERZADEH
  • Vice-President: Mr Rovshan ALIYEV
  • Head of Organizational Division, Vice-President: Mr Aziz GOCAYEV
  • Secretary General: Mr Jeyhun MIRZAYEV
  • Deputy Secretary General: Mr Shaban SHAYEV
  • Deputy Secretary General: Ms Sabina MAHBUBI-IRAN
  • Deputy Secretary General: Mrs Gunel YUSIFOVA
  • Deputy Secretary General - Head of Youth and Volunteers Department: Ms Khalida ISGANDAROVA
  • Chair of Youth Committee: Mrs Turkana FARAJOVA
  • Head of Information and Public Relations Department: Mr Seymur HUMBATOV
  • Deputy Head of Information and Public Relation Department : Mr Khalid KHALILOV
  • Head of International Relations Department: Ms Nurana GASIMZADA
  • Head of Disaster Preparedness and Response Department: Mr Elshan SALIMZADEH
  • Head of Migration Department: Mr Mammad KATANOV
  • Head of Tracing Service: Mrs Mbuari MIRZAZADEH
  • Head of Finance Department : Mrs Naila JAFAROVA
  • Head of Fundraising Department: Mr Emil SEIDALIYEV
  • Head of Strategic Planning, Internal Reporting, internal Monitoring, Evaluation : Ms Vafa ALIYEVA

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