Healthy youth make a healthy world

We the youth of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement commit ourselves to:

  1. Ramp up prevention efforts for sexually-transmitted infections, including HIV, through peer education and, for example, condom distribution programmes and other suitable approaches;
  2. Promote the "right to know" about substance-related harm, by increasing peer education and community participation;
  3. Act to eliminate stigma and discrimination associated with tuberculosis, HIV and drug use;
  4. Promote voluntary non-remunerated blood donation to save lives, promote healthy lifestyles and instill humanitarian values, through programmes such as Club 25; and
  5. Address road safety as a humanitarian challenge, by encouraging young people to act responsibly.

We call on our National Societies to:

  1. Address tuberculosis treatment, HIV prevention and challenge stigma; and
  2. Support voluntary non-remunerated blood donation, targeting young donors.

We call on the governments of the world and on the international community to:

  1. Address drug and alcohol abuse as a humanitarian challenge, not a criminal one; and
  2. Include first aid and road safety in national education curricula and allocate appropriate financial and logistical resources.

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We are seeking items and articles to feature in this section. You your National Society has a success story of youth voices being heard, and making your society stronger, please let us know and it might be featured on these pages.