Live our principles, celebrate our diversity, change our community

We the youth of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement commit ourselves to:

  1. Inner change and the development of skills and to promote harmony and positive attitudes within communities;
  2. Live our seven Fundamental Principles as agents of behavioural change in our communities;
  3. Renounce violence, promote non-discrimination and respect for diversity, and a culture of peace in the world;
  4. Stand up for non-discrimination in our personal lives; and
  5. Live up to our roots in international humanitarian law, by acting and standing up to reduce suffering in armed conflict, and actively disseminating information about the rules of armed conflict, even in times of peace.

We call on our National Societies to:

  1. Enable youth to take a leadership role in positively changing behaviours and attitudes in our communities, using peer and non-formal education methods such as the International Federation's "Youth as agents of behavioural change" initiative;
  2. Include the "most-vulnerable" groups in decision-making processes; and
  3. Declare that discrimination of any kind is unacceptable in our Movement, including discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation.

We call on the governments of the world and on the international community to:

  1. Promote knowledge and respect for diversity and non-discrimination;
  2. Ensure that education is applied in order to prevent violence and abuse affecting children and young people;
  3. Respect international humanitarian law in armed conflict and during peace, and ensure that all cases of violation are properly investigated;
  4. Include international humanitarian law in formal education curricula;
  5. Improve the control of weapons with a special focus on small firearms; and
  6. Seriously address the issue of children involved in armed conflict, including their reintegration into society in post-conflict areas.

We are seeking items and articles to feature in this section. You your National Society has a success story of youth voices being heard, and making your society stronger, please let us know and it might be featured on these pages.