External Reviews

In addition to its own internal reviews, the IFRC also undergoes reviews by external partners and donor organizations.

As part of its commitment to transparency, the IFRC shares both the external reviews and responses thereto.

UK Department for International Development (DFiD)

In February 2011, DFiD delivered its Multilateral Aid Review (MAR) of the IFRC. The 2011 Review gave the IFRC its highest rating (strong) in contributing to UK development objectives for: international and domestic humanitarian assistance and its attention to cross-cutting issues like fragile contexts, climate change, and gender equality. The IFRC achieved satisfactory ratings for its focus on poor countries, contribution to humanitarian results, and partnership behaviour. The review also identified areas for improvement.

A follow-up progress assessment in 2013 indicated, "commitment to improve the capacity of National Societies, widen partnerships, including with private sector, and improve financial management. Mixed progress in developing countries."

Swedish International Development Agency (Sida)

Sida, the Swedish International Development Agency, commissioned PwC to conduct a review, delivered in March 2014, of the IFRC internal control system. The review is a part of following-up on Swedish Red Cross funds, which are channelled through the IFRC, in order to ensure that these funds are handled in accordance with the requirements in the agreements and that the funds are used for the intended purposes.

The review included assessment of internal controls, financial management systems, accounting and handling of funds, reporting and follow-up, audit and risk management, procurement and logistics, and anti-corruption and irregularities, as well as a desk study of the IFRC Pakistan delegation. The review includes a number of recommendations for improvement.