Our recruitment process

All IFRC vacancies for positions in Geneva-based and field-based positions that are open to external applicants are advertised publicly on IFRCjobs under Current vacancies. All applications are handled online. IFRCjobs does not accept open applications.

Recruitment principles

The guiding principle in the selection of candidates is to ensure the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity

We are committed to promoting diversity in our workforce. We do not discriminate on any grounds

As a membership organization we aim to achieve a broad representation of nationals from member countries and to enhance gender balance

We strive to provide a work environment where the contribution of each individual is valued

As a rule selection of staff takes place on a competitive basis.

Apart from these common features of the selection process, each vacant position has its own specific requirements. These  can be found in the position’s vacancy notice, which is based on an approved job description.

The recruitment process

Applications must be received before the vacancy notice closing deadline. In a normal recruitment process, which on average should take less than three months, the following phases are foreseen.

The application phase, which consists of the applicant filling out personal information online, responding to an online questionnaire and the uploading of the CV and related documents. After completion of the application, an automatic email confirming receipt of the application will be sent to the applicant.

As part of the recruitment process, applications are first screened by the human resources department and discussed between the hiring manager and the human resources department. In addition applicants may be contacted by the human resources department and asked to answer further specific questions, have a brief telephone conversation that can be technical in nature, or to complete some written exercises.

A candidate shortlist, with the names of applicants who best match the requirements of the job description and are deemed the most suitable for the position, is drawn up.  A competency-based interview is organized with the shortlisted candidates. These interviews are held with a panel and can be conducted either over the telephone, via video conference or on-site. The aim of these interviews is to assess the candidates’ fit with the culture of our organization and to find out more about his/her achievements and motivations. The panel will ask for the personal experience of the candidate to be illustrated with real examples. A possible follow-up interview may be scheduled depending on the position.

Before a formal offer of employment is made the candidate preferred by the panel, this candidate will be contacted by the human resources department to arrange the taking up of references.

When references have been cleared and medical clearance received, an employment offer is made and, when agreed, a contract is issued.

Communication during recruitment

Every application is acknowledged immediately by an automatic e-mail response. Communication between the shortlisted candidates and the human resources department will be primarily by e-mail. Invitations to candidates for an interview may also be made by telephone. All unsuccessful applicants will be advised via e-mail.

Please note: Due to the usually high number of applications, we are unable to enter into communication with individual applicants, except as part of the recruitment process.

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