Terrie Takavarasha

Describe your career history. What were your professional experiences prior to your current position? How did you come to Red Cross?

Despite aspiring to be a marketing management expert, I landed my career in the humanitarian world due to my connection with SOS Children’s Village. I learned and appreciated resource mobilization for the benefit of vulnerable people, advocating for the voiceless, compassion and maintaining standards and quality.

I knew of the Red Cross nurses (volunteers) from my mother’s village as a toddler. When the recruitment agent called me to go for an interview at IFRC’s regional delegation in Harare, my first reaction was: ‘but I am not a nurse’.  With the agent’s persistence,  I decided to give it a try.

I applied for a PMER manager’s position that was going to be at the zone office. I went through a rigorous interview process that included a written test, and I managed to get my first international post. A dream came true.

What are your current roles and responsibilities? What is your role within the IFRC? Where are you working?

My current roles as a PMER manager is to direct activities in planning, monitoring of activities and reporting. My main role is capacity building of programme managers at regional and National Society levels to improve in project design, tracking performance and reporting on results.

What attracted you to the IFRC and your position? What is your favourite thing about your job?

I like the diversity of programmes in IFRC and the differing implementation levels, i.e. I get to work with higher level staff and lower level staff, such as our volunteers.

What qualities do you feel are necessary to be a successful employee at the IFRC?

People skills are critical at IFRC as I find myself working with many different people on a daily basis. PMER work is dependent upon the work of the programmes and the National Societies.

What advice would you give to an aspiring aid worker?

Working for an humanitarian aid agency is a passion.

What do you like about your current position?

I get to leave my desk and computer and experience being with people. The experience of getting the first contact with staff on the ground and collecting primary data is exceptional. I am in touch with the reality by interacting with beneficiaries and other stakeholders.

have managed missions in IFRC hardship deployments, thus in Pakistan and now Cote d’Ivoire despite the challenges of being one of the few women deployed there. My passion carried me far and the experience will go a long way in my aspiration of helping the vulnerable in difficult, insecure and poor communities.


Terrie Takayarasha

Regional  PMER manager, West Coast, Africa

Bachelors Business Studies, University of Zimbabwe, Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management, Institute of Marketing Management in South Africa. Masters in Business Administration (MBA), University of Zimbabwe. Postgraduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation Methods, Stellenbosch University in South Africa.