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A culture of learning

IFRC strives for excellence which calls for a highly qualified and motivated workforce that is continuously developing to meet the evolving needs of the organization.

Providing a supportive environment for all people contributing to the IFRC mission, strategy and activities is essential, thus IFRC offers a wide variety of learning opportunities that range from workshops, seminars, training, online courses, publications, webinars, online learning courses, videos and more.

Working at IFRC, you will:

Discover and learn

Your discovery journey starts as soon as you are interested to join the Red Cross Red Crescent World. The e-learning course, “The World of Red Cross and Red Crescent” has been specially designed to introduce anyone to the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and is part of the essential courses for all of those joining IFRC. These essential courses are available for free on the Learning Platform. Other courses available include:

  • IFRC Strategy2020 – Saving lives, changing minds
  • Code of Conduct for IFRC Staff
  • Stay Safe – Personal Security

In addition, internationally deployed staff on their first assignment will be provided with an opportunity to participate to IMPACT, one week course.

IFRC is recognized as an organization leading research and studies in the Humanitarian Sector. You will have the opportunity to also learn more about that through on-the-job experience.

Acquire and grow

You will have access to development opportunities throughout your engagement with IFRC, in the context of your personal development plan, regularly discussed with your manager, during the year through the Performance Review.  With your manager you will identify various learning opportunities  to acquire and develop specific skills aimed at your professional growth within the organization.

Development opportunities range from:

  • Online training for competencies, based on the IFRC Competency Framework;
  • Activities to equip you with relevant and updated information on the organization, including new systems, tools and procedures;
  • Training to develop specific skills related to your professional development within the organization;
  • Learning on employee well-being to ensure that you are properly informed and equipped on issues related to your working environment.
  • For managers: training on management and leadership to develop soft skills and competencies.

Many development activities are provided through our Learning platform. The courses are short, self-directed, and most of them are free of charge.

Some development training has been designed in partnerships with academic institutions, through the Learning Network delivering university certificates on a fee-paying basis.

You may also be provided with opportunity to grow within the organization when new job opportunities appear to be matching your experiences and preferences.

Share and connect

At IFRC, you will be invited to actively share and connect within the organization as well as with a large variety of partners.

The Learning Platform, as a multilingual network providing easy access to learning opportunities for volunteers, partner organizations and the general public, will enable you to connect with people all over the world to share your interest and experience.

You will participate in meetings, seminars and conferences, often involving participants from organizations, such as: National Societies, ICRC, UN Agencies, government agencies, international, national or local NGOs, businesses, and others.

At IFRC, you will enjoy the opportunity to connect and share through a variety of user friendly technologies, such as: FedNet – Communities of Practice; SharePoint – Groups; Learning Platform – Teams and Groups, TwitterFacebook, YouTube etc.

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The learning platform

“I have completed a series of courses ranging from First Aid to Spanish on the IFRC Learning Platform. These experiences have given me the opportunity to not only obtain professional credentials but also achieve my career goals.”

Daniele Wyss – Senior Assistant,
Information Services Department, Geneva