What do we expect?

The IFRC expects staff who:

  • Are motivated by the opportunity to contribute to a better world
  • Fully embrace IFRC’s Fundamental Principles and humanitarian values in delivering the organization’s goals
  • Are engaged, determined and service-driven
  • Are proficient in their area of expertise and proactively invest themselves in development opportunities
  • Are culturally sensitive and able to able to make the best use of the inherent value of a multi-cultural environment
  • Show good judgement and manage to achieve results in the face of complex and sometimes ambivalent situations
  • Can work effectively in a matrix structure and with diverse teams for the collective success of the IFRC
  • Are able to develop and foster connections in the IFRC network
  • Are able to obtain good results in a global membership organization, understanding the needs of National Societies and effectively support their development.

We expect our staff to live and work by our Seven Fundamental Principles and four core values:

Respect for diversity

Treats all individuals and groups fairly and shows respect for all persons equally, without any distinction on the basis of nationality, race, religious beliefs, class, political opinions, or any other grounds.                                


Works in accordance with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement’s Fundamental Principles in a transparent and accountable manner.


Shows pride in work and in achievements; demonstrates knowledge, professional competence, and technical mastery of relevant subjects. Displays self-control, perseverance and resilience in the face of pressure or adversity.


Honours commitments, and takes responsibility for delivering high quality outcomes.

Staff code of conduct

The IFRC is committed to helping create safe environments free of harm or threat to the dignity of our personnel and the people we serve.

The code of conduct sets out the responsibilities of all people working for or representing the IFRC, including Geneva and field-based staff, consultants, volunteers, and interns.

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