What do we offer?

The IFRC aims to attract a qualified and diverse workforce and to achieve a performance-driven work culture through a non-discriminatory remuneration and benefits package. 

As the guardian of public funds received on behalf of vulnerable people, the IFRC strives to maintain a competitive and cost-effective remuneration system that encourages and rewards good performance and recognizes staff contributions to its success, in line with the spirit of its principles and values.

Benefits and Allowances

  1. Base Salary:
    IFRC salaries are paid net of taxes in Switzerland for non-Swiss employees, Swiss staff shall receive a contribution equal to an estimation of the Communal, Cantonal and Federal income taxes on their Federation salaries.Employees who chose to live in France, may be subject to French taxes which will not be reimbursed by the IFRC.
  2. Annual Leave:
    The annual leave entitlement is 30 working days in a full calendar year. Annual leave is calculated on a pro rata basis for employees starting or leaving part way through the year.a) Public Holidays:In addition to the annual leave entitlement, the IFRC recognizes 10 official holidays per year 
  3. Child Allowance / Student Allowance: 
    Employees shall be entitled to receive allowances for dependent children, 220CHF/child from 0-18 years; 290CHF/child from 18-25 years. The combined total amount of child and student allowances per employee cannot exceed 3 times the student allowance.
  4. Contribution to educational fees:
    In addition to the child allowance, the Federation will contribute to the educational feed for an employee’s child. The annual contribution per child shall be at a maximum 80% of the compulsory annual fees set for the corresponding class level at the International School of Geneva.
  5. Relocation benefits:
    a) Relocation travel: the IFRC makes travel arrangement from the place of recruitment to the duty station for eligible employees
    b) Removal: the IFRC will use the services of an international removal company to organise the move to Geneva for eligible employees
    c) Accommodation: In duty stations where housing is not provided, the IFRC will provide assistance with housing search for eligible employees

In addition, we offer competitive benefits to staff. The package might include among other benefits:

  • pension scheme
  • health insurance
  • life insurance
  • accident insurance
  • loss of salary insurance

For nationally recruited staff the package offered varies from one duty station to another as it is based on the stipulations of the local market and national labour law applicable for that duty station.

Entry salaries for Geneva based staff and delegates

Grade level    Estimated Annual Salary CHF
A  55’200
B  66’000
C  78’600
D  94’200
E  111’600
F  134’400
G  155’400
H  195’000

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