Disaster Response Dialogue - Global Conference

The Disaster Response Dialogue convened its second Global Conference in Manila on 13-14 October 2014 on the theme of improving trust and cooperation for more effective humanitarian responses. This Conference washosted by the Government of the Philippines in cooperation with the Government of Australia. Its objectives were to share lessons and best practices amongst National Disaster Management Authorities (NDMAs) and humanitarian actors and to identify and agree on a set of concrete recommendations for more inclusive, principled and effective humanitarian responses. The outcomes of the conference will be contributed to the World Humanitarian Summit and other relevant platforms.

Desde (fecha) : 13 October 2014 12:30
Hasta (fecha) : 14 October 2014 12:30
Lugar : Manila, Philippines
Región : Asia Pacific
Ámbitos de actuación : Derecho y desastres, Gestión de desastres

Conference outcome