Bringing Community Voices to Decision Making Tables: Shared Learning and Experiences in ASEAN

Publicado: 7 julio 2017 6:17 CET

By Pauline Caspellan- Arce


IFRC participated in ASEAN-OXFAM’s Peer to Peer (P2P) Journey Learning Conference 17 – 18 May, 2017 to share its experiences in peer learning and exchange through its disaster law programme.


The Learning Conference was the culmination of the project’s mapping of Disaster Risk Management peer to peer platforms in ASEAN and a showcase of peer learning case studies implemented in Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar. Peer learning activities fall under the AADMER Priority Programme 3 “Advance”, which ensures that “robust and accountable information sharing platforms and their interoperability across different tiers of government and communities, together with traditional and non- traditional platforms, will be in place.” 


IFRC presented on its disaster law work which has been undertaken in South East Asia through the Canadian Government supported Regional Resilience Initiative (RRI). The IFRC facilitated session had a focus on its work with National Societies to bring community voices to decision-making tables in ASEAN. The presentation highlighted how Red Cross and Red Crescent have been supporting governments and humanitarian / development partners to ensure that disaster law and policy frameworks are people centered and are rooted in good coordination and communication with communities themselves. They have been doing this through advocacy and technical support based on their global research on Law and Disaster Risk Reduction, which provides evidence and strategies for ensuring engaged communities in disaster risk management decision making.


Much of the success and strength of the IFRC approach is through providing peer to peer learning opportunities for National Societies and their Governments. The platform provided by ASEAN is an invaluable opportunity for all disaster management actors to learn and share with each other. Red Cross Red Crescent Societies and IFRC in South East Asia look forward to continue to work with other partners to share good practice and challenges in Disaster Governance across the region.