Cruz Roja de Guyana

Inundaciones en Guyana

Inundaciones en Guyana

Fuertes lluvias han ocasionado un incremento en el nivel de las aguas en ríos y canales

Guyana hit by floods again

As of mid January, Guyana started to experience torrential showers which forecasters predict will continue for at least another 12 days.

Red Cross relief effort intensifies in flooded Guyana

Red Cross relief effort intensifies in flooded Guyana

The Guyana Red Cross has begun a relief operation across the country to assist victims of flooding, the result of torrential rains as more than a metre of rain fell in the past month, affecting more than 200,000 people.

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Barrack Street
P.O. Box 10524

Dirección postal:

P.O. Box 10524

Información de contacto:

Tel.: (592) 226-5174 / (592)223-8287 / (592) 227-1116
Fax: 1-592-227-7099
Telex: 2226 FERNA GY "For Guyana Red Cross"

Idioma para correspondencia: English


  • President: Mr Teni HOUSTY
  • Secretary General: Ms Dorothy FRASER
  • Vice-President : Mr Errol CHEONG A.A.
  • Head of Finance : Ms Anna Lisa PHANG
  • Finance Officer: Mr Richard HING
  • Head of Health and Social Services : Mr Lewis DEVAUGHN
  • Head of Volunteer Development : Ms Ava SINGH
  • Head of Blood Services : Ms Ava SINGH