How we operate

A worldwide network with a global capacity

We have a permanent network of regional Operational Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain Management (OLPSCM) units and logistics hubs – strategically located in Panama, Kuala Lumpur, Nairobi, Dubai, Beirut, Budapest and Las Palmas – that are staffed by logistics, procurement and supply chain specialists. 

Consolidated purchasing power

By consolidating orders and sourcing items strategically, we can use large purchase volumes to achieve the most competitive prices.


No request is too large or too complex. Thanks to our global structure, we can satisfy the majority of requests. We can offer standard service packages or we can consider requests for non-standard services that are customized to your requirements.

Quality assurance

Our Standard products catalogue details the exact specifications of over 3,000 relief items, guaranteeing their quality and appropriateness to the people assisted. We also use framework agreements as an effective way of securing the required goods and services at a competitive price, whilst guaranteeing quality, quantity and delivery terms.

Working with partners

We work with partners from the commercial sector to foster mutually beneficial cooperation and reinforce the impact of humanitarian logistics through combined efforts. For example since 2012, the IFRC entered a partnership agreement with the Airbus Corporate Foundation to collaborate in air transportation and exchange of expertise. Discussions are being held with some other corporations to materialize joint efforts to transfer relevant best practices and expertise to the humanitarian logistics sector.

Innovation and best practice

We maintain close links with researchers affiliated with reputable academic institutions to develop case studies, explore and apply best practices and innovative approaches in the field of humanitarian logistics.

Ethical action

We always give strong consideration to the ethical and environmental impact of our work, and we expect the same from the people we do business with.