World Food Day: Syria food supplies at risk without urgent funding says IFRC

Publicado: 16 octubre 2014

Geneva/Damascus – 16 October 2014 On World Food Day, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is calling for urgent funding to support food supplies for those affected by violence in Syria.

The IFRC aims to supply 50,000 parcels per month to Syria – enough to feed 250,000 people – but a lack of funding in recent months has led to a drop in supplies. Many of these parcels go to hard-to-reach areas through community volunteers from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. Without funding, this part of the food supply chain is at risk.

“Current funding is due to run out next month. The major problem is sustainable funding. Every month we have to search for the means to supply this food. These are the food parcels that often go cross lines to reach the most vulnerable in Syria. Through the Syrian Arab Red Crescent most of these parcels go to hard-to-reach communities and are prepositioned to be used by the Red Crescent as part of their emergency response. These are the parcels that will go out to desperate communities as soon as a new area becomes accessible, a road opens up, or a huge number of people are displaced. This is a crucial difference between food supplied by other agencies for regular distribution and IFRC supplied food and that is why the continuous funding for this specific food parcels is so utterly vital,” said Jyri Rantanen, IFRC country representative in Syria.

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent continues to support people in areas including Raqqa, rural Deir Ezzor, Douma, Harasta in Rural Damascus. The organization, in collaboration with the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and partners such as World Food Programme, helps to reach around four million people every month with humanitarian aid, but there are millions more in need.

“As the crisis in Syria continues into its fourth year, we estimate there are ten million people at risk from food insecurity,” Jyri Rantanen said. “Funding is becoming a challenge for all agencies, but we must ensure the basic needs – especially food – are being met. We aim to provide 50,000 food parcels per month, but currently we only have 20,000 for October, and a pledge of 38,000 for November. This is a worrying situation, especially as the number of people who need our help continues to grow.”

The IFRC is calling for funding for their Syria Crisis appeal.

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