In pictures - New waves of refugees from Central African Republic have arrived in Cameroon

Thousands of men, women, and children, jam-packed into freight trucks and covered in dust arrive in east Cameroon. Mathieu Ngah/IFRC


Driven from their villages and deprived of all their property, these families arrive in Cameroon with some hurriedly assembled clothes and pots. Mathieu Ngah/IFRC


The Cameroon Red Cross has deployed a large number of volunteers to provide first aid to the refugees. “Our volunteers work alongside the UN High Commission for Refugees to register new arrivals”. Mathieu Ngah/IFRC


The Cameroon Red Cross provides psychosocial support to the most vulnerable. Mathieu Ngah/IFRC


To survive, women and children have to beg from the locals who, despite their modest incomes, generously provide a few kilograms of rice and fish. “We survive thanks to the generosity of the people who give us a little food to feed our children,” says Adawiya Ali Fadel, who fled the violence. Mathieu Ngah/IFRC


According to the Cameroon Red Cross, about 9,000 refugees are currently in border villages. Most of them sleep in the open, where they are exposed to severe cold and mosquito bites. Mathieu Ngah/IFRC


In September 2013, IFRC issued an emergency appeal that enabled the Cameroon Red Cross Society to assist 3,200 CAR refugees in Guiwa Yangamo and Bétaré-Oya through the distribution of non-food items, psychosocial support and access to safe water and sanitation. Today, with the growing number of new refugees in the region, the needs have tripled. Mathieu Ngah/IFRC