Saadi Juma - Volunteer, Tanzania Red Cross Society

Publicado: 28 mayo 2015 9:29 CET

When tens of thousands of Burundians began seeking refuge in Tanzania, fleeing violence in their home country, the Tanzania Red Cross Society made sure it was ready to provide the assistance needed. In the first weeks in late April, 20 pre-trained volunteers were mobilized, and more began training. By late May more than 50 new volunteers had been trained to help in first aid and promoting good hygiene practices. Saadi Juma (left) is one of the National Society’s experienced volunteers. For the past few weeks, he has been volunteering in Kagunga, where most of the refugees are first arriving, after crossing the border. Photo: Maija Tammi, Finnish Red Cross

Saadi Juma has just stepped of the ferry in the town of Kigoma. He has spent the past two weeks in Kagunga, 45 kilometres away, helping the approximately 15,000 people who have been waiting there before being allowed to continue towards the refugee camp.

The 27 year old has been volunteering with the Tanzania Red Cross Society for seven years. When he heard about what was going on in Burundi, he was immediately ready to step in. “When I saw the situation and that people where suffering, I knew that I needed to help the community,” he says.

In Kagunga, he has been working with other volunteers, primarily providing first aid services, and spreading the word on good health and sanitation. He estimates they have been able to reach approximately 1,700 people during their two weeks.

Although he owns a small soap-making business, Saadi is intent on continuing on as a volunteer. “In the future, I hope to become an important person in the Tanzania Red Cross Society in their volunteering activities,” he says with a grin.