7 septiembre 2015

Preparing for climate change across francophone Africa

Learning through best practices about mitigating the impact of disasters due to changing weather patterns
Togo: Recovering from the flood
1 octubre 2008

Inundaciones en Togo: Ayuda para devolver la esperanza a los damnificados

Como la mayoría de los pueblos de la región llana, Aviyémé muestra aún signos de las graves inundaciones que aquejaron a Togo.
The floods in Togo continue to claim victims
28 septiembre 2007

The floods in Togo continue to claim victims

While the scars left by the floods that swept the north of Togo are still raw, torrential rains have flooded the village of Agotimé-Akoumassi, located in the prefecture of Agou in the heart of the plateau region, 150km from the capital, Lomé.