One year on from the Balkans floods: "I used every penny to rebuild my home"

Publicado: 21 mayo 2015 18:00 CET

By Andreea Anca, IFRC

One year on from the floods which devastated many parts of the Balkans, funds from Red Cross cash transfer programmes are helping many individuals and families rebuild their homes.

In Janja, Hajdar Bukovic, 57, painted the house, changed two windows, bought a washing machine, and did the flooring with the EUR 400 euros (BAM 782.37) he received from the Red Cross. "I used every penny to rebuild my home," he says. Bukovic's house, a neat two-room home, was seriously damaged last May when water burst into the house, damaging all his belongings. At first, the local authorities provided a huge fan to dry the walls of his home and offered him financial support which allowed him to start the necessary repairs.

Like many people in Janja, Bukovic has no job and no pension, instead relying on the generosity of his extended family, friends and not least humanitarian aid to provide for medication he takes for his ailing kidneys and heart, and to get by each day.

"I want to express my gratitude to the Red Cross and to all those who helped me," he says and almost bursts out crying when he admits that, despite the help, there have been days when all he eats is a piece of bread with sugar on top.



To mark one year anniversary of the floods that hit several countries in the Balkans the IFRC recently produced a series of stories profiling Red Cross beneficiaries in Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the countries most affected by the crisis.

In the aftermath of the floods the IFRC launched an Emergency Appeal for CHF 4,522,235 to support the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina in delivering assistance to some 10,000 flood-affected families. The focus of the Appeal was on the cash transfer programme, relief, water and sanitation, shelter, hygiene promotion, psychosocial awareness, recovery and livelihoods. The cash transfer operation reached a total of 2,020 households. 80 per cent of the recipients used the cash grant to repair their homes.


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