A little knowledge can be the difference between life and death

Publicado: 13 septiembre 2013 17:11 CET

On August 28, 2013, Tornike Tebidze, a volunteer with the Georgia Red Cross Society Batumi branch was walking in the Seaside Park of Batumi when he found a girl laying on the ground. She was unconscious, shivering and bleeding from the mouth.

People in the Park had gathered around the suffering girl and when Tornike arrived, he saw that someone had put a torch into her mouth. It is a common belief among the general public that  a hard object in the mouth will help to keep the mouth open and maintain the flow of oxygen.

Thanks to Tornike, who was able to provide the correct response, the accident had a positive outcome. Had he not been there – or not been trained – the girl may have died.

Tornike is one of many volunteers trained in emergency first aid. He began by introducing himself and assuring the crowd to step back and give him the space to help the girl. He asked someone to call for an ambulance, and began to treat the girl.

When she gained consciousness, he was careful to introduce himself to reduce her stressed and tried to get a good understanding of how she came to be in such a prone position. He stayed with her, offering a reassuring presence until the ambulance arrived. Finally, Tornike accompanied her to the hospital.

Tornike says he was glad he turned up, as those already at the scene were not able to provide first aid. “As soon as I saw the girl lying on the ground, I understood that I could really help,” he says. “When the girl recovered and offered her thanks, I felt so happy and realized just how important first aid training is.” He says it was Georgia Red Cross Society first aid training, and his confidence to use it, that saved the girl’s life.


Everyone everywhere

The Red Cross Red Crescent worldwide is asking for legislative provisions to make first aid training compulsory for every individual seeking to obtain a driving licence. Based on our experience as the world’s leading first aid provider and educator, we also recognize that first aid training is essential for all people at all stages of their life – at home, in school, at the workplace. First aid is for everyone, everywhere.