Iraqi Red Crescent continues to reach people affected by the Syria crisis

Publicado: 28 marzo 2014 15:46 CET

Since the onset of the crisis in Syria, the Iraqi Red Crescent Society has been responding to the needs of people in Syria and the neighboring countries. Iraq hosts nearly 250,000 Syrians who have sought refuge in different parts of the country and the National Society is responding to some of their urgent needs.

Since November 2012, the National Society has been delivering aid to cover a diversity of needs, including medical and surgical support, food and relief items.

In addressing the shortage of medical supplies in Syria, the latest shipment of the Iraqi Red Crescent included more than 4.5 million different medical and surgical items to be used and distributed in the few coming days by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to the hospitals and clinics across the country.

In Lebanon, the Iraqi Red Crescent runs two medical centers offering treatments to Syrian patients and providing necessary medications. So far, more than 5000 medical services have been provided through these medical centers. For the last two months, together in cooperation with the Lebanese Red Cross, the National Society distributed around 7,000 winter clothing for Syrian children located in the South and North of Lebanon as well as the Bekaa area.

The medical support has been also a priority to address in Jordan. The Iraqi Red Crescent covers different medical and pharmaceutical needs of  the Syrian patients through two medical centers of the Jordan Red Crescent Society. During the last two months, more than 7200 coupons have been distributed to cover the daily life expenses of Syrian families mainly food, fuel and education needs.

“Our effort is part of the international humanitarian assistance which aims to reach the most vulnerable people and those in need. We hope to alleviate part of this humanitarian suffering, especially at these times where millions of Syrians are experiencing very difficult circumstances, ” said Dr Mouayad Zwain, representative of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society in Middle East and North Africa.

In support of the needs inside and outside Syria, the Iraqi Red Crescent Society coordinates and cooperates strongly with the Iraqi government, the International Federation, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, the Jordanian Red Crescent, the Lebanese Red Cross and the Ministry of Health in Lebanon.