Unacceptable killing of a Red Crescent volunteer in Syria

Publicado: 24 junio 2012 19:19 CET

Bashar al-Youssef, 23 years old, volunteer for the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, was shot while on first-aid duty.

This is the fourth killing of this kind since September 2011. On 24 April, Mohammed Khadraa, first-aid responder was shot and killed in the city of Douma. On 25 January, Abdulrazzak Jbeiro, the secretary-general of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, and president of its Idlib branch, was killed. In September 2011, Hakam Sibai, volunteer, died in Homs when a Red Crescent ambulance was struck by bullets.

In the name of 187 National Societies and more than 13 million volunteers in the world, the IFRC condemns in the strongest way possible these acts and highlights the difficulties faced by the Syrian Red Crescent Society, the only Syrian humanitarian organisation operating in areas affected by the violence.

The IFRC expresses its condolences to the family and friends of Bashar al-Youssef. And it will continue, alongside the ICRC to provide support to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and all women and men who give of their time and put their own lives at risk to provide life-saving services to the people affected by the crisis.