Red Crescent helps Iran plane crash victims

Publicado: 10 febrero 2004 0:00 CET

Rana Sidani in Geneva

The United Arab Emirates Red Crescent (UAERC) volunteers were the first to provide assistance to the injured passengers of the Iranian plane which crashed near Sharjah, killing at least 40 people including one baby.

The Kish Airlines flight was coming in to land after a flight from the Iranian Gulf island of Kish. Reports say it went into a nose dive after the pilots requested an emergency landing. Before touching down, about 3 km from the airport and close to a residential area, it crashed and caught fire. Flame and black smoke poured from the wreckage at the front of the plane.

By coincidence 11 UAERC volunteers were in the airport when the plane crashed. They made their way through the traffic jam and the crowd, clearing the way for the firefighters. Once the fire was extinguished, working in cooperation with civil defence and the police, the volunteers pulled out six people alive from the wreckage and transported them to hospital. Three of them died subsequently in hospital.

“We were on the scene only a few minutes after the accident because our volunteers were in the airport providing assistance to Tajik pilgrims coming back from Saudi Arabia,” explained Abdul Rahman Al-Tenaiji, UAERC press officer.

“A second team was in the airport also to help a Palestinian handicapped person taking a plane back to Palestine after being treated by the Red Crescent," Al-Tenaiji added.