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El número total de evaluaciones que satisfacen los criterios es 535
Ubicación Categoría Título Tipo Organizacion Respuesta dirección Documento Fecha de publicación
Haiti Earthquake Applicability of DEWATS in Urban Neighborhoods of the Port-au-Prince Metropolitan Area (PPMA) Final evaluation IFRC pdf
30 dic. 2013
Haiti Earthquake Beneficiary Communications Review Review IFRC zip
30 dic. 2013
Nigeria Flood An internal evaluation of the shelter kit response Final evaluation IFRC pdf
23 dic. 2013
- Global - - Evaluation of IFRC's Disaster Law Programme Mid-term evaluation IFRC zip
10 dic. 2013
- Global - - Evaluation of the Shelter Role of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Mid-term evaluation IFRC zip
04 dic. 2013
Democratic People Republic of Korea - Final Evaluation of CBHFA Project in DPRK Final evaluation IFRC pdf
08 nov. 2013
- Global - - IFRC Baseline Survey on Violence Prevention Baseline IFRC zip
06 nov. 2013
- Global - - Review of cluster coordination team deployment to the Philippines. Cluster evaluation IFRC pdf
04 nov. 2013
- Global - - Global study that maps exisiting and informs future Beneficiary Communication (BC)work at the IFRC Case study/research IFRC pdf
04 nov. 2013
- Global - - Review of the Fiji Shelter Cluster in Response to Tropical Cyclone Evan Cluster evaluation IFRC pdf
31 oct. 2013
Republic of North Macedonia - Evaluation of Capacity Building Fund support to organizational change in the Macedonian Red Cross 2008-2011 Final evaluation IFRC pdf
31 oct. 2013
Haiti Earthquake Haiti: Recovery Shelter Programme Review Review IFRC pdf
30 oct. 2013
El Salvador, Haiti - Green Response, case studies of Haiti and El Salvador Operation Case study/research IFRC pdf
30 oct. 2013
Haiti Earthquake Haiti - Lessons Learned & Best Shelter Practices Final evaluation IFRC pdf
30 oct. 2013
South Sudan Population Movement South Sudan:Population Movement Emergency Appeal Final Evaluation Final evaluation IFRC pdf
26 oct. 2013
Pakistan - Summative Evalutaion of the Relief and Recovery Response to the Pakistan Monsoon Floods 2010 Final evaluation IFRC pdf
24 oct. 2013
Somalia Drought Evaluation of the Somali Red Crescent Drought Response Operation 2011 Mid-term evaluation IFRC pdf
17 oct. 2013
Zambia Flood Zambia Floods MDRZM008 DREF Review Review IFRC pdf
15 oct. 2013
Bangladesh Cyclone Owner driven Housing Reconstruction Review IFRC pdf
30 sep. 2013
Bangladesh Landslide, Flood SE Cash Transfer Project Review and Lessons Learned Review, Joint evaluation IFRC zip
23 sep. 2013
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