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Nom Localisation Code d'appel Type de catastrophe Appeal type Orig. type Date
Benin - Population Movement (MDRBJ018) Benin MDRBJ018 Population Movement DREF Operation MDRBJ018do_1 29/05/2023
Yemen - Floods (MDRYE011) Yemen MDRYE011 Flood DREF Operation Final Report MDRYE011dfr 29/05/2023
Myanmar - Cyclone Mocha (MDRMM018) Myanmar MDRMM018 Cyclone Operational strategy MDRMM018_OS 26/05/2023
Indonesia - Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak (MDRID024) Indonesia MDRID024 Epidemic DREF Operation Final Report MDRID024dfr 26/05/2023
Afghanistan Regional Population Movement 21 (MDRAFRPM21) Switzerland MDRAFRPM21 - Final Report MDRAFRPM21 Final Report 25/05/2023
Egypt - Palestine Complex Emergency (MDREG018) Egypt MDREG018 Complex Emergency DREF Operation Final Report MDREG018dfr 24/05/2023
Afghanistan - 2022 July Floods (MDRAF011) Afghanistan MDRAF011 Flood DREF Operation Final Report MDRAF011_DREF Final report 24/05/2023
Democratic Republic of Congo - Flood Sud Kivu/Kalehe (MDRCD040) Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The MDRCD040 Flood DREF Operation MDRCD040do 23/05/2023
Cameroon - Cholera and Monkeypox (MDRCM032) Cameroon MDRCM032 Epidemic DREF Operation Update MDRCM032du1 20/05/2023
Ukraine and impacted countries crisis (MGR65002) Hungary MGR65002 Population Movement Operational strategy Moldova_Revised NSRP_republished 19/05/2023
Kenya - Mass Casualty Incident in Kilifi (MDRKE057) Kenya MDRKE057 All other disaster and emergencies DREF Operation MDRKE057do 18/05/2023
Bangladesh - Cyclone Mocha 2023 (MDRBD030) Bangladesh MDRBD030 Cyclone DREF Operation MDRBD030do 18/05/2023